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Think3: Igniting Critical, Creative and Systemic Thinking

Are our old ways of thinking meeting today’s challenges? A world of rapid change, complexity and uncertainty beg for new ways to problem solve and make decisions.

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Engage and Thrive

Are we thriving in our workplaces? We are hardwired to belong. We want to relate and collaborate…and yet, what does it take to co-create climates of safety and trust?

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Act 2: Become

Lots of activity, little effective action? It’s loud. More information, more opinion, more sources. Facing contradiction and confusion, defaulting to what we already know. Repeating the same thing over and over again, expecting different results. Stop!

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Why? Why Not!

Discovered yours? Some call it ‘our why’, others talk purpose, cause or belief. Intensely personal, it arises from the depths of our story. Unleashed; energy, passion and action flow. It can change everything. It moves us forward.

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Investing in loss…are you kidding?

Can less really be more? We are loss averse with good reason. Our survival programming has made it twice as painful to lose something as to gain something. And yet if we want to make space for “letting come” we have to embrace “letting go”.

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Embodied Living and Listening

Is your body that thing that takes your head to meetings? What if our bodies know more about our lived situations than we are consciously aware of? It seems that we can impact how we feel and the way we behave by altering how we move and the postures we adopt. Amazingly, our body can help us to think and listen more deeply.

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1. Can we put a you tube link in here…us talking about innovation in u?