Our Services

Developing Ideas…
Generating Action…
Creating Impact!

Impact Focus: Like you, we are interested in creating real value…moving the needle through action steps to impact.

The difference is bringing our experience in discovery driven value creation to growing your own leadership and organizational capacity for future challenges and opportunities.


You want to find new ways to become Fit for the emerging Future. You sense that you are dealing with a complex challenge which requires different skills, creativity and innovation. You want to explore what may be required to complete a challenge. We would meet to assess your situation and consult on the process.


You sense that you have a challenge located in complexity. You suspect that an ‘experimenting forward’ approach could work for this situation. You are wondering if the attention, time and resources required to manage the challenge would divert from executing your existing business?

We meet with you to assess the challenge, how we fit and the resources required. We prepare a proposal. Upon approval, we manage the entire challenge project for you.


Your focus is on growing organizational competency for managing future challenges by solving a specific challenge. Our role is to partner and ‘ExperiMentor’ with you to provide the assessment, training and coaching to meet the challenge, while working with and growing your people.

Strength areas:

  • Management Innovation (Core Competencies, Agility and Engagement)
  • Strategy Execution (Dynamic focus: Adaption, Alignment and Autonomy)
  • Discovery driven Value Creation (Challenges, Growth Engine and Innovation)

Challenge Busting

“There are those that look at things the way they are, and ask why? I dream of things that never were, and ask why not?”

Got a gnarly, interesting challenge that needs fresh creativity? We thrive on these kinds of challenges. Tapping into the resources of our innovation talent ecosystem, we can provide the impetus to get you moving in the right direction. (Quote from Robert Kennedy after George Bernard Shaw.)


Our focus: Providing the integrated Hardware (Models, Processes & Tools), Software (Mindsets and Culture), and ‘Power ON’ (The drive to implement), critical to training success. Our difference is balancing theoretical and experiential learning to create “aha moments” for participants.


  • Discovery driven Value Creation
  • Conducting Business Experiments
  • Management Innovation Core Competencies
  • Strategy Execution
  • Listening for Innovation
  • Customized

Leadership Coaching

Find your edge: Our coaching is about inspiring you to thrive so you can dream more, learn more, do more and become more. We believe it is a relationship of trust, caring, challenge and growth. All of us, including ourselves, benefit from having a reflective and challenging mirror that encourages us to become our new best Self. We offer individual and small group opportunities.

Speaking Engagements

‘Aha’ moments worth sharing: We love to create value for others by sharing some of the things that we have learnt about our favourite topics. There is nothing more powerful than that small ‘aha moment’ when we hear something we can apply to a present challenge or opportunity. We are available for speaking engagements in Europe and North America.

Recent Topics:

  • Find your Edge: Thriving in Complexity
  • Strategy Execution: Formulation and Execution (a distinction without a difference)
  • Brain, Business and Behaviour: (The advances in Neuroscience, Psychology and Behavioural Economics that help businesses thrive)