Hacking Challenges

Creating the space for the new to emerge


Rising to the Challenge

In our personal lives, businesses and organizations we face challenges every day. However, as our environments become more complex the size and scope of our challenges change.

We seek fresh ways to come together, not only to tackle challenges but to thrive in surmounting them.

In solving challenges we shift our focus from robust (strong enough to prevent failure), to resilient (early detection, fast recovery, and adaptive exploitation).

Discovery Driven Value Creation

Ours is a discovery driven process which utilizes visual thinking models linked to an agile development process to rapidly prototype and test in the real world. For example, using a Business Model Canvas and Customer Development Process to create a growth engine or new business. Or using an individual or team Hacking Challenges Canvas and Discovery Driven Process for solving a personal or team challenge.

Central to Discovery Driven Value Creation is finding the right fit between what we offer and what is needed in the world by clients or customers…our value proposition. No longer do we create the whole and then discover if it meets the need. We test hypothesis and experiment forward until we find the power of what works.

Unleashing People to Stretch

Our intent is to create the sandbox in which people have the freedom and resources to hack the challenge. This is possible because we have set clear boundaries around our challenge. Indeed, constraints are helpful for innovation.

Unleashing people to come together, to create by hacking a challenge is empowering.

Do you want to hack challenges (growth engine, business model, mission for the future), that has real value for people, in a timely manner?

We walk you through the discovery driven process introducing the tools and techniques to get the job done… creating value for clients in the real world.