Developing Leaders

Inspiring others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more!


How do we thrive as leaders in a VUCA world?

That bombardment of emails, tweets and texts; the insistent demands on our time and attention, the sheer volume of new choices, and the changing size and scope of the challenges we face…a tough challenge for any leader…

So, how come we cry “Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more…”?

Discovery Driven Leadership

Our belief is that to thrive in complexity and be ‘Fit for the emerging Future’ we need to attend to three areas:

First, to anchor ourselves in our purpose and remind ourselves of our own ROI (Return on Involvement). Is our leadership drive an opportunity to give back, for the adventure, the challenge, the joy of bringing ‘new’ into the world, the chance to grow a sustainable business, the thrill of competition, the opportunity to learn and the friendships we develop?

Second, to shift our mindset and actions from robust (strong enough to prevent failure), to resilient (early warning, fast recovery, and early adaption).

Third, to develop discovery driven leadership. The ability to lead through creating future value and experimenting forward to discover what works. This requires new competencies and skills for thriving in complexity.

Leaders Inspired

Connect. Inspire. Transform.

Our greatest leadership tool is our Self. Our personal energy is a function of making a difference in what matters to us. Gift yourself the discovery of your core purpose. When our decisions align with our core purpose, our intentions and actions energetically flow into execution.

We work with leaders and emerging leaders individually and in small groups to connect to purpose, align intentions and deliver actionable steps toward learning how to lead from the emerging future.

Leadership Coaching

An opportunity to learn, laugh, experiment and grow…within a climate of trust, caring and challenge, we can co-create transformative experiences in which we imagine new possibilities and take steps to reaching our goals. We connect to what deeply matters and focus on the essentials for moving forward.

We coach leaders and emerging leaders individually and in small groups to transform the way leaders do business.

Journeying for U

Journeying for U is becoming the whisperer for your Self. We see skills and ways of doing business that we admire. We would like to incorporate and grow those for ourselves. We know we have incorporated them when we can share them effectively with others. We can Journey for U by modelling those behaviours and actions that make a difference.

We work with leaders and emerging leaders individually and in small groups to learn how to whisper yourself into the U you want to become.

Emerging Leaders Lab

The leaders of tomorrow growing potential today.

How do we grow a culture of innovation? We grow by doing. We link those that can slip out of mainstream currents and learn to swim upstream. We leverage their creative energy to inspire new sources of ‘value creation’ that genuinely make a difference. We practice growing social, ecological and economic wellbeing across sectors with multiple stakeholders…we practice by taking on challenges that matter.

We work with leaders and emerging leaders to facilitate challenges in organizations and communities that allow innovation to grow and practice the skills and knowledge needed to create new ways of doing business.