Question: How am I setting aside the attention, time and resources for creating future value?

Too ‘Busy!’

‘Busy!’ That is part of some book title peeking out from the shelf behind my brother John’s shoulder. I see it when I Skype him on our weekly updates. Every time I see it, it makes me laugh…‘Busy!’, I chuckle one more time. Is he trying to tell me something?

Executing the Existing Model

‘Busy!’… In my personal life, it is so easy to slip into the habit of being ‘Busy!’ with executing the existing model of myself…sure, there are some tweaks! A new small skill I have added, like posting on LinkedIn. However, if I want to create future value (to stay relevant in rapidly changing times), I need to grow beyond the boundaries of my present self. I need to act from a commitment to discover the new.

A Tangible Commitment

For inspiration, I turn to my brother in law. For Jerry, an extreme long distance runner…100 mile (160 kilometer), challenges are not uncommon! He sets a big dream, an intention that he visualizes ahead of him, it looks daunting, it looks big and overwhelming, but he signs up for the run and he lets people know what he intends… (He makes a tangible commitment.)

Small Steps of Action

Race day arrives! He stands both expectant and anxious at the starting line…and then he is off. He focuses on the small steps…just ahead, the top of the next hill… I will run to that… and again, another small section, to the side of that wood…and by the end…another three steps…I can do that…and then another… (small steps of action consistently applied.)

70% often becomes 100%

For ourselves, and our existing company, we can so easily get stuck in execution of the existing business model. Indeed, for many of us executing the ‘known model’ is our chief focus; it must be, as it brings in today’s value. However, the roughly 70% allocation of attention, time and resources to executing the existing model so easily becomes 100%.

Keeping Our Eye on the Prize

Plot Attention, Time and Resources against Value Creation, and we see that ‘Future Value’ increasingly comes from our growth engine and discovering the new. Staying relevant in today’s business environment is about changing fast enough…but more than that, it is about focusing on creating and capturing future value. Scanning our environment, sensing the trends, listening to customers, deploying small experiments to test and learn, seeing and seizing opportunities, this is creating future value.

Rising to the Challenge

Time to post the ‘sticky’ over the ‘Busy!’ book with a commitment…today is my 10% day!

In 2017, lets rise to the challenge!