Organizations & Communities

to thrive!

 Living in a VUCA World

We are less and less tethered to the patterns of the past.

Linked globally, through ever changing technology…we see more people, more ideas, and more perspectives colliding to produce unpredictable results.

Indeed, the pace of change is accelerating exponentially giving rise to greater volatilityuncertainty,
ambiguity and, above all, complexity.

The language of VUCA may not be familiar; however, we can all get a ‘felt sense’ of the bombardment of emails, tweets and texts, the insistent demands on our time and attention, the sheer volume of new choices, and the changing size and scope of the challenges we face.

How do we thrive in complexity?

Our Work

Transforming business
by developing Leaders and Organizations
to become ‘Fit for the emerging Future’.

Our Passion

Connecting people to purpose
and innovative ways
to think, engage and act.

Our Spirit

One of serious play,
creativity and experimentation.

‘Fit for
the emerging Future’

We believe that we thrive by becoming

‘Fit for the emerging Future’.

Our personal and organizational wellbeing is dependent upon staying relevant in a changing world, being grounded in purpose, and rising to life’s challenges.

Staying Relevant

Growing agility, innovation and engagement develops our capacity to stay relevant.

Agility…to pivot, as needed; Innovation…to continuously seek new sources of value creation; and, Engagement…to build greater organizational and community value with clients, stakeholders and staff.

Grounded in Purpose

When all around us is moving and shifting we gain stability by rooting ourselves in purpose.

Rising to life’s challenges

We seek to stretch and grow by tackling important challenges through a discovery driven process as we experiment our way forward.

How we help Clients

We help clients become ‘Fit for the emerging Future’ through Management Innovation and Hacking Challenges.

Management Innovation

As the world around us is speeding up, organizations end up standing still; often, overwhelmed by the complexity of the situations they face.

Conflicting information and a deluge of choices can lead to ‘information overload’, ‘attention deficit’, and ‘analysis paralysis’.

The familiar management tools, useful for a bygone era (in a relatively stable environment), no longer serve us well.

We provide fresh management tools that improve the quality and speed of the decisions that matter most. Tools that improve our agility, innovation and engagement to manage in complexity.

Hacking Challenges

Thriving is rising to life’s challenges. As the world around becomes more complex, our challenges grow in scope and scale.

A fresh approach is to ‘hack challenges’ through fast paced, small team value creation. Using a discovery driven process and agile development, we ‘experiment forward’.

Our ‘Hacking Challenges’ can be used individually, as small teams, or throughout an organization.

 How we Deliver

We deliver to clients through consulting, mentoring, managing and workshops to create management innovation and hack challenges.


You seek new ways to become ‘Fit for the emerging Future’. You sense that you operate in complexity. You require new skills, insights, creativity and innovation.

We provide assessment and consultation.


Your focus is growing individual, team and organizational competency. You want increased ‘Fitness for the emerging Future’. You have a challenge you would like to hack.

We provide partnership and an ‘ExperiMentor’ to train, coach and meet the challenge with you.

We grow your people today to hack the challenges of tomorrow.


You have a challenge that is complex. You wonder if the attention, time and resources required to manage the challenge would divert from executing your existing business.

 We provide complete challenge management.


You want skills, knowledge and competency for thriving in complexity.

We provide experiential, research based, workshops.

We deliver the Hardware (model, process and tools), Software (mindsets and culture), and Power “On” button (the drive), to make a difference.

Join us in rising to the challenge of thriving in complexity!


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