Imagine a world where

we inspire

people, organizations & communities

to thrive!

Our Work

Building agility, innovation and engagement
to transform the way we do business.

Our Passion

Connecting people to their deep purpose
and desire to create innovative ways to
think, engage, and act
to make a difference in the world.

Our Spirit

One of serious play,
innovation, creativity and experimentation.


Business Models




Innovation Practices

Our Story

Innovation in U is a story of re-connecting to what really matters. Two brothers. Two separate journeys. Two different adventures. One discovery – leadership is about inspiring people to dream more, learn more, become more and do more. It is about co-creating the right climate for us to thrive and make a difference in the world.

Fit for the emerging Future

Innovation in U is about people and organizations being Fit for the emerging Future. It is about co-creating the ‘right fit’ for human beings. It is about welcoming diversity and new perspectives, pooling our collective wisdom, co-creating new ways to engage, collaborating, and encouraging emergent networks.


Our greatest leverage in being Fit for the emerging Future is changing the way we think. We value symphony decision making. We reach conclusions and take action from analyzing and synthesizing new insight from critical, creative and systemic thinking.

People listening

The journey of creating innovative ways to think, engage and act begins with listening. In listening we suspend judgement. We slow and notice. We create space for the new to arise.

We surface assumptions and test their validity. We allow the power of change that comes from within ourselves, our organizations, and communities; to move us another step forward. We learn, adapt and grow.

People in balance

In Tai Chi, it is said, that motion is rooted in the feet, powered by the legs, directed by the waist and expressed by the hands. It is a wave that ripples through the body not by doing but by allowing.

At Innovation in U, we are grounded in what deeply matters; powered by passion; and, directed by purpose. We find expression through allowing the innovation wave to transform the way we do business.

Let us journey together…