People, Organizations & Communities

to thrive!

 Living in a VUCA World

We are less and less tethered to the patterns of the past.

More people, more ideas, more perspectives, linked globally through changing technology, leading to a greater number of factors colliding, to produce unpredictable results.

Indeed, the pace of change is accelerating exponentially giving rise to greater volatilityuncertainty,
ambiguity and, above all, complexity.

The language of VUCA may not be familiar; however, we can all get a ‘felt sense’ of the bombardment of emails, tweets and texts, the insistent demands on our time, the sheer volume of new choices, and the changing size and scope of the challenges we face.

How do we rise to the challenge of thriving in complexity?

Our Work

Transforming business
by developing Leaders and Organizations
to become ‘Fit for the emerging Future’.

Our Passion

Connecting people to purpose
and innovative ways
to think, engage and act.

Our Spirit

One of serious play,
creativity and experimentation.






‘Fit for the emerging Future’

Driving into the future using only our rear-view mirror

Thriving in complex environments takes new ways of making sense of situations. The patterns of the past do not apply.

Indeed, our first instinct is to project onto a situation an opinion, a ‘probable cause’…perfectly natural, as our evolutionary hardware (the brain), tends to look for linear cause and effect relationships.

We use rich data from the past…to determine a pattern…upon which we predict the future…in order, to act.

As Marshall McLuhan quipped “we drive into the future using only our rear-view mirror.” It served us well when the pace of change was relatively slow and new ideas and technologies took years to develop.

However, building insight, setting strategy and making decisions in complex environments is different.

In complexity, the context changes everything. What works in one place may not work in another. It is unpredictable. Our attention shifts from what is ‘probable’ to what is ‘possible’. It is the domain of the VUCA world.

‘Fit for the emerging Future’

Our personal and organizational well-being (staying relevant in a changing world), depends upon agility, innovation and engagement.

Agility…to pivot, as needed; Innovation…to continuously seek new sources of value creation; and, Engagement…to build greater organizational and community value with clients, stakeholders and staff.

‘Of Purpose’

When all around us is moving and shifting we need to root ourselves and our organizations in purpose.

Connecting people, leaders and organizations to their purpose, in the service of making a difference in the world, is important to us.

Adhocracy (‘Of Purpose’), as a management model, is well suited to a VUCA world, in which:

Action is privileged; activities are coordinated around challenges and opportunities; people are motivated by intrinsic rewards (achievement of purpose and recognition); and, strategic decisions are made through experimentation and the power of what works.

Join us in rising to the challenge of thriving in a VUCA world!


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